Commercial Painting Tips


Commercial Painting

How do the professionals do it? We provide excellent painting services in Louisville Kentucky area by following simple rules. With many years of experience and attention to detail we know what it takes to set ourselves apart.

When we begin a project we start with the prep. Our prep includes covering all surfaces, moving everything that we can move and making sure that everything is protected from potential drops of paint. High quality drop clothes are used extensively to make sure we protect everything.

The next step in our preparation is fixing all cracks and dents. Fixing the imperfections in the walls and surfaces allows us to have smoother walls helping adhesion. Having a clean surface that has been prepared properly can be a huge difference in the finished product.

At this point we are ready to begin the painting process. We choose the best paint for the job which makes all of the difference in the world. The equipment we use for each job is top notch and in great condition.

For more information on our process and how we can help you give us a call today!

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How to Choose a House Painter in Louisville KY

How to Choose a House Painter Louisville KY

Choosing a Painter in Louisville KY

Picking a painter for you home can be a difficult decision especially if you want the job done right! There are some obvious tips that you should look at first.

  • Credentials: Better Business Bureau (
  • Online Reviews: Check online reviews to see what others have to say
  • References: See if there are references available that you can contact

Painting Estimates

After you do your initial research you can begin asking for estimates. When you begin to receive your estimates it is important to look for key information. The estimate should include:

  • Labor
  • Material Costs
  • Brand of materials
  • Number of Coats of Primer and Paint
  • The surface area which will be primed and painted
  • Any other repairs to drywall or etc.

Communicate Your Expectations

Once you choose the contractor be sure that they fully understand your what you are looking for. If you do not communicate with your painter there’s a good chance you may not get what you want. A great example is deciding if you are okay with some imperfections such as uneven surfaces. If you want imperfections from previous paint jobs you will need to communicate that before your contractor begins the work.

When the work is completed be sure to go behind your contractor to make sure everything was completed to your satisfaction.

Choosing a Paint Color for Your Home

How to Choose a Paint Color for Your Home


Louisville Painting Contractor

Choosing a paint color for your home can be difficult at times depending on the reason to paint.  Choosing the right color for your room can make all the difference for what you are trying to accomplish.  Paint colors can create a warm feeling, make a room look smaller or larger and even reflect your personality!  There are many great tools to help you choose the right color for each room in your home.

Recommended Tools

There are a variety of resources you can pull from to help find the right color scheme for your home.

  • Professional Painting Contractor
  • Your Local Paint Store
  • Online Tools & Advice

Professional painting contractors can help you visualize how each room will look by visiting your home and showing you swatches.  When you find the right contractor you will be in good hands!

Visiting your local paint store is always a great option and they can even help you select the right painting contractor. Whether you choose Sherman Williams, Porter Paints or another store, they can help you in your search!

Online tools and advice never hurts.  There is a plethora of tools available online and they continue to grow.  Some of the best tools available are:

  • Benjamin Moore Color Viewer – This is a pretty cool tool which will allow you to upload a picture and choose a color from there.
  • Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer – Nice tool which allows you to upload an image and choose a variety of colors.  The color visualizer is a very good tool to use!
  • HGTV Tips – HGTV is always a good resource and they have some great tips including a short video to help you choose the right color.
  • DIY Tips – DIY also provides a short video to help you in the search for the right color in your home.

Help Choosing Your Home Colors

Nate’s Painting Louisville offers residential painting services in Louisville Metro and surround counties.  We are a full service painting company that can help you choose the best color for your home.  Contact us now for your free quote!


How to “Cut In” – Interior Painting Technique

House Painting – Cutting In

Painting your home may seem like an easy project to take on if you have some extra time.  In hopes of saving money many people take on the job as a weekend project.  Going to the local paint store, Home Depot or Lowe’s is usually the first stop.  Gathering as much information as possible, like what paint color to choose, what quality of paint and what tools you will need.  Many times the people who work at your local paint store can be a huge help in getting everything together you are going to need.  They can even give you helpful tips on how to paint your walls, baseboards and ceilings.  One of the biggest hurdles you will have to overcome is “Cutting In”.  Figure out how to paint a straight line can be difficult.

Cutting In Techniques

There are a lot of ways you can accomplish cutting in and the internet is a rich source to help you find the correct information.  This Old House, has a great deal of information and this link will take you right to the technique they recommend.  They even have a video to help you along the way.  Here’s a link to a residential painter in Idaho who is obviously a professional, but this is a great video to demonstrate how to achieve the look you are looking for.

Professional Painters

Like many tasks around the house, painting can be overwhelming.  If you are struggling with your painting project, go to your local paint store and ask for a referral or simply go to Google and search for the right painter!  If you are located in Louisville, Kentucky then you need to look no further than Nate’s Painting.  We are the top Residential Painter in Louisville.

What to Look for in a Painter

What you should look for in Residential and Commercial Painters

Painting your home or commercial property on a regular basis is important to keep it in good shape. You could do the painting job yourself or seek the assistance of a professional service provider to do it for you. Out of these two options, many people tend to seek the assistance of a Painter Louisville KY because they can get the job done with minimum hassle. However, you need to be careful in order to get in touch with a reliable commercial or residential painter Louisville KY to have a hassle free experience.

A good paint has the potential to enhance the overall appearance of your building. A residential painter Louisville KY will use different techniques and methods in order to improve the overall design and appearance of your building. You can hire a painter to repaint your building in the same color or with a completely different color. A wide range of painting methods and paints are available out there for them to do the painting job. In fact, there is painting techniques that matches perfectly well with every exterior structure of a home or commercial building

If you own a commercial property, you would need to paint it with proper colors to grab the attention of potential customers. Nobody prefers to walk into a boring and dull looking building. It will remain unnoticed until you repaint it with exciting colors with the help of a commercial painter Louisville KY. When it comes to painting of your commercial property, you will have many different ideas in your mind. You can express those ideas to your painting contractor and he will use his knowledge as well as experience to determine whether that idea is good or bad. He can even offer some excellent ideas to you on exterior designing. They will also let you know about the trending color schemes and other painting trends. You need to take their advice into consideration before proceeding with the painting job.

On the other hand, homeowners in Louisville can also experience a wide range of benefits as well as advantages by hiring a residential painting contractor. The main objective of repainting your home is to make it a pleasant place for you and your family members to live in. The painting contractor you select will assist you with that and he will combine your ideas with his techniques to deliver a personalized touch to the paint of your home. In addition, they will let you know about the steps that you need to take in order to maintain the outlook for a long period of time.

So, how can you find the best commercial and residential painter in Louisville KY? Well, there are plenty of them and you will need to go through customer reviews available online to figure out the best one out of the list. You can also ask for recommendations from your friends and family members