Choosing a Paint Color for Your Home

How to Choose a Paint Color for Your Home


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Choosing a paint color for your home can be difficult at times depending on the reason to paint.  Choosing the right color for your room can make all the difference for what you are trying to accomplish.  Paint colors can create a warm feeling, make a room look smaller or larger and even reflect your personality!  There are many great tools to help you choose the right color for each room in your home.

Recommended Tools

There are a variety of resources you can pull from to help find the right color scheme for your home.

  • Professional Painting Contractor
  • Your Local Paint Store
  • Online Tools & Advice

Professional painting contractors can help you visualize how each room will look by visiting your home and showing you swatches.  When you find the right contractor you will be in good hands!

Visiting your local paint store is always a great option and they can even help you select the right painting contractor. Whether you choose Sherman Williams, Porter Paints or another store, they can help you in your search!

Online tools and advice never hurts.  There is a plethora of tools available online and they continue to grow.  Some of the best tools available are:

  • Benjamin Moore Color Viewer – This is a pretty cool tool which will allow you to upload a picture and choose a color from there.
  • Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer – Nice tool which allows you to upload an image and choose a variety of colors.  The color visualizer is a very good tool to use!
  • HGTV Tips – HGTV is always a good resource and they have some great tips including a short video to help you choose the right color.
  • DIY Tips – DIY also provides a short video to help you in the search for the right color in your home.

Help Choosing Your Home Colors

Nate’s Painting Louisville offers residential painting services in Louisville Metro and surround counties.  We are a full service painting company that can help you choose the best color for your home.  Contact us now for your free quote!


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